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January 06, 2008



I love the skirt! I just got Sew What Skirts and saw your pictures over at the flickr group. Great job. =]


your skirt is really really pretty!!!! i say take a break too but don't stop browsing for ideas... then again, if you take a break, it might be hard to get back in the groove of things [as is my problem]... you could try making a wacky quilt? or embroider some squares [wait, do you embroider?] for a future quilty project... maybe you can get into some writing and try to make something for the story... [so if you do a story of a goldfish, you then do a sewing stuffie of a fish?!]... well, either way, best wishes!!! :)



Why not give yourself a break? Read a crazy non-craft related book, or practice the piano... Or just sit and admire your new skirts! :)

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